Julissa Carmona


Julissa Carmona is a film director, screenwriter and producer. She founded Carmona Pictures in 2002 creating films that capture the fantastical depicted in the form of horror and suspense. In a film career spanning over a decade, Julissa has experienced all aspects of the filmmaking process which allows her to continue mastering the cinematic art, as well as, rising within the industry ranks.

Born in Yonkers, New York to immigrant Costa Rican parents, Julissa’s love for cinema began early with her fascination of illusion and the magic of make-believe. Julissa graduated from the legendary American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. From there, she furthered her education at Hunter College where she majored in Film and minored in Theater. Through her involvement in the film “Donnie Brasco”, she became a member of the highly recognized Screen Actors Guild.

Through her internship at Esparza-Katz Productions, she learned the valuable tools of screenwriting and started development of a series of short films and “The Forbidden Chair” feature-length script. Through formulating storylines and an increasing desire to focus more on cinema, Julissa began establishing herself as a director. Some of her self-produced, written, and directed short films currently include “Burning Red”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Breaking up Is Hard to do”. Her early experimental work has proved that this driven director has the sophistication for storytelling.

For the past 12 years, Julissa has gained substantial experience in the marketing research world. Her expertise resides as an account specialist where she developed applicable financial skills in accounts payables/receivables, operation costs, and budgeting. Her contributions accompanied by her knowledge in marketing research led to an exponential increase in client satisfaction within months of her recent promotion to Operations Manager. Julissa has fully utilized her cash flow management skills and fiscal responsibility which were successfully applied when she established Carmona Pictures. As a result, Julissa has managed to complete all her film projects within budget.

With her strong financial sensibility and forward-thinking, Julissa’s goal is to bring Carmona Pictures to the forefront and making it the “studio of tomorrow”. Julissa is all about bringing “results”. Now, with a growth strategy in place, Julissa continues to thrive and expects to bring new revenue streams by 2013. With her expansionary vision, Carmona Pictures is ready to transform the modern vision of thriller films and astonish audiences worldwide.